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Discover Crete

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Enjoy the sun and the sea away from crowded beaches.

Rent a boat or charter a cruise and experience free diving to explore shipwrecks around the coast of Crete, visit monuments and archeological sites located next to the sea. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Cretan coastline, from a unique perspective.

Our Team

Sea & Sun's team has excellent knowledge of the surrounding area and weather conditions. All our team members are certified emergency first responders with lengthy experience in marine environments.

Our Boats

All of our vessels are fitted with Yamaha outboard motors. None of our boats or their motors are older than 4 years old.

Love The Sea

No toxic anti-fouling hull coatings used!

We love the sea. Our team has decades of experience in marine-environment activities and protecting the sea is always on our mind. That's why none of our vessels' hulls are coated with any sort of toxic antifouling paint.

Bareboat Rental Prices

All prices below are in euros and include VAT.
Fuel is not included in the price unless otherwise noted.

Poseidon 640 view range

EU-issued license **
€ 500 refundable deposit
Previous experience
with similar vessel
per day € 350 +fuel
* per half-day
€ 200 +fuel

Poseidon 510 view range

Previous experience
No license required
per day
€ 230 +fuel
* per half-day € 120 +fuel

* Full day rental duration is approximately 8-10 hours and half day about 5 hours.

** EU-issued license: according to Greek maritime law the license must be translated to Greek by an authoritative translator. If desired, Sea Sun Boats can arrange for this for an additional cost of 40 euros - the process takes from 1 to 4 working days.

Important: Please specify if you have any previous experience with boats or related license and the number and ages of persons.

Note: Discounts are available when renting a boat for longer durations.

Battery chargers: All boats have USB ports for charging your cellphones and portable devices, please bring with you the necessary cables.

Care-free Navigation

All our boats are equipped with the BoatAngel navigation, safety and collision prevention system.

Onboard GPS will warn you when approaching a dangerous or off-limits area and using the BoatAngel mobile app you can view an up-to-date navigation map with pre-configured places of interest.

Cruises in Western Crete

Below you can find a selection of our most popular itineraries for private cruises near Chania.


Skipper, drinking water and soft drinks, swimming accessories.
Meals can be provided on request, ranging from sandwiches to traditional snacks (prices from €2 to €10 per person).

The Poseidon 510 is also available for short-range cruises at a lower price.

Terms & Conditions

Insurance, safety & liabilities

All vessels are equiped with the legally required safety equipment and are fitted with canopies.

The boat mentioned in the chartering certificate is covered by insurance against civil liability according to Greek Law 2743/99. The insurance does not cover accidents incurred by the boat’s passengers or loss of personal items.

In case the damage incurred is higher than the insurance coverage and the person responsible for the damage is the charterer or the captain of the boat, then the charterer or captain will be liable for the exceeding cost with his personal belongings.

It is illegal to approach organized public beaches at a distance closer than 500 meters; maps are provided during the mandatory briefing with off-limit boundaries.

It is illegal for the vessel's operator to consume alcohol or other intoxicants, the hirer is liable for any fines incurred by such activities.

EU-issued license requirements for bareboat rental

According to Greek maritime law the license must be translated to Greek by an authoritative translator. If desired, Sea Sun Boats can arrange for this for an additional cost of 40 euros - the process takes from 1 to 4 working days.


Orientation for proper operation of the vessel and information on recommended itineraries are provided during the mandatory 45 minute briefing (please be on time) which can be conducted in English or French. At least one fully-charged smartphone is required for the navigation app provided.

Note: We reserve the right to withhold rental of a vessel if adequate skill is not displayed during orientation.


As per regulations, a valid passport or ID card is required to hire a vessel - driver's license or credit card is not accepted as a form of identification.

All bookings can be done either via phone, internet or in person. Confirmation is sent a day before rental after consulting local weather reports.

When making a booking please specify the number and ages of persons and if you have any previous experience with boats.

It would be preferable to meet in person a day before the embarkation date for briefined and orientation.

Please confirm your booking 3 days in advance.

For bare-boat rentals of boats that do not require a license only full day bookings can be made in advance, bookings for half-day rental can only be made the same day or the day before disembarking depending on availability.

Note: We reserve the right to cancel a booking even up to the last minute if weather conditions are not safe. Weather conditions are usually confirmed one day before the trip.


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+30 6932 459 125 (Parlant français)